Year 11 Interactive Digital Media

The Year 11 Interactive Digital Media Team is creating a game by the name of Faura’s Revenge. Faura’s Revenge, a game based in a futuristic apocalypse world. Our characters include Mutant animals with human features to be released soon. The team considered to have different biomes which are at the very moment being developed. Characters are being sketched by the best in the business Dien Duong (Head of the Art Department), Jin Woo Park (Head of the Animation Department) and Romeo Naudrik Borja(External Source). They are currently creating amazing sketches of Mutants, monsters and Bosses. Sounds currently in development by Gabriel Lubin (Head of the Sound Department) and his team. A couple have been made just for testing but being considered to be placed in the game The website is controlled and upgraded by Gurkaran Singh (Head of Heads). A decent amount of work has been put on the website for the community, posting updates for the people who give interest in our creation. If people would like to keep updated on this game please register to the website.

Tony Kok, 11M2