Year 11 Retreat

The Year 11 Retreat was held on Tuesday 29 April at Rowville. It involved a series of seminars and smaller group discussions that focused on becoming the man we all set out to be. The seminars were run by guest speaker David Kobler, whose balance of charisma, humour and seriousness appealed to the young men in the audience. He raised issues such as the qualities required to make the transition into manhood, role models, balance and priorities, pornography, being a father, behaviour and morals, all of which were elaborated on further in the discussions. This retreat addressed some of the toughest issues which all teenage boys will go through, and credit goes to the entire year level as they participated, took the information in and were engaged throughout the day, which concluded with a liturgy by Father Monaghan. Feedback received afterwards indicates an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards the day. On behalf of the Year 11 Leaders and cohort I’d like to thank David Kobler for a great presentation, as well as all the teachers, in particular Mrs Knight, Ms Rapson and Mr McGarry, for organising and running the event. Special thanks to Michael Nguyen, Hamish Patterson and Gab Lubin for arriving early in the morning to set up and run the technological component of the presentation.

Peter Atallah