Year 11 Retreat

A bright sunny day met us as we travelled to our Year 11Retreat on Tuesday 23 April. Clouds were scarce among the blue sky as a bright sun shone light on our future. The day was much relaxed compared to school but stern at the same time, as the topic our guest speaker presented was on choices and difficulties that face us on our journey to manhood. Some of the main ideas that our guest speaker talked about were male role models in our lives, making good decisions and exerting our strength as men to help others not based on ourselves. Most of the time activities were based on reflecting on what our speaker said and group discussions to discuss these topics further. The day was a great day in helping us understanding the difficulties that face young men today in society.

A special thank you to our presenter David Kobler and the teachers who attend on the day. They provided us with the opportunity and right atmosphere for discussing the issues that face us as young men in today’s world.

Jackson Trieu, (11M4)