Year 12 Chemistry Excursion

On Tuesday 22 March, the year 12 Chemistry class participated in an instrumentation workshop at LaTrobe University Bundoora. As part of the workshop, the 24 students were able to experiment with different technical equipment to analyse different organic compounds that are found in food, fragrances and water supplies.

The workshop compliments the VCE Unit 3 Chemistry outcome 1 perfectly and as the equipment is only available to use in tertiary institutions and research facilities, the workshop gave the students the opportunity to perform analysis in real life situations, that would not normally be available to them in a school laboratory.

All the boys gained valuable knowledge about chemical analysis techniques and many have commented on how the workshop clarified their understanding about what has been learnt in the classroom. This hands on approach to learning and the knowledge gained will be invaluable for their upcoming assessments.

Sarah Rapson
Assistant To The Assistant Principal: Faith And Mission 7C Oratory Teacher


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