Year 12 Leaders Visiting Year 7 Camp

As part of our renewed student leadership program, senior leaders are making huge efforts to involve students in every cohort in all aspects of College life. To welcome the newest members of our community into the full richness of College life, School Captains, House Captains and Ambassadors headed to Camp Rumbug to share what being a Salesian Chaddy boy is all about. Boys were led by the House Captains in a round robin event which highlighted the spirit of the House competition and our School Captains shared their own Year 7 experiences to ease the initial nervousness that can accompany the first few weeks of Year 7. The success of the event was seen in the house spirit which emanated throughout the Sports Carnival that week. The student leaders have certainly made a great start to what will be a very exciting year at the College.

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Hanna Blizzard
Student Leadership Coordinator