Year 12 Leavers Tops

Congratulations to the group of boys who have worked on behalf of their peers to organise this year’s leavers’ tops. These boys have negotiated and worked hard for the cohort and have delivered a fantastic outcome for themselves and their peers, for which they should be congratulated.

Boys are reminded of the procedures for wearing the leavers’ tops:

  • The jumpers may only be worn with the sports uniform on Wednesdays each week
  • If a Year 12 boy does not have appropriate sports uniform, then the full formal uniform must be worn on Wednesdays
  • The jumpers are never to be worn with the formal uniform

If Year 12s are wearing the leavers tops at times other than Wednesdays, or if they are wearing them with the formal uniform, sanctions such as cautions and detentions will be given to individuals. Also the College reserves the right to stop boys from wearing their leavers tops if they are not being worn appropriately.

John Visentin
Deputy Principal – Students and Staff