Year 12 Retreat

Our Year 12 boys went on their final retreat on Thursday February 2; an overnight stay at the Daylesford Retreat Centre in Blampied, which we have been visiting for the past 10 years.

The purpose of this Retreat is to provide an opportunity for the students to explore and question ‘what it means to be a good man in 2017?’, as well as building healthy relationships. As educators and parents we all know how difficult it is for young people, in particular young men, to understand how to be ‘good Christians and honest citizens’ (Don Bosco). The retreat will hopefully have unpacked this and given our boys, your sons, a way forward, in knowing that they are loved and supported through this journey.

To this end, the students were involved in activities that provided them with opportunities to reflect on their lives, their relationships, and the demands of Year 12. The retreat was also an opportunity to develop bonds with their classmates, and many of their Year 12 teachers.

As they gathered before boarding the buses, the air was filled with excitement as the boys embarked on a journey of discovery, emotional and spiritual. Hopefully this was an experience that will sustain them throughout the year.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission