Year 12 Retreat

To start off our final year of school on a positive note, the Year 12s went on retreat to Rutherford Park in Daylesford during our first week back from holidays. This retreat is focused on getting into a good state of mind and developing a positive attitude, as well as strengthening bonds between the members of the Year 12 cohort.

Throughout the retreat, there were multiple small group sessions lead by a member of staff, in which we expressed our worries for the year ahead as well as strategies to overcome them, partook in team building and communication activities, and worked together to create a good vibe that continued throughout the whole retreat.

The next session brought the whole year level back together, and invited boys to give some insight into a struggle that they deal with in their everyday lives, be it family, personal conditions or otherwise. This was aimed to show that everyone is going through things that we could know nothing about. The response from the cohort to these boys was truly amazing, as there was an outpouring of support, comfort, encouragement and friendship towards them.

Following the traditional liturgy, each boy as well as some teachers had a paper bag with their name on it stuck to the wall. Then, we were invited to write something positive about individuals, and place these kind words in their bag. Once again, the year level amazed themselves with their acts of kindness, making everyone feel like they belonged.

After a good night’s sleep, the morning involved a relaxing meditation session, before the 2 hour drive back to Salesian.

Patrick Atallah and Connor Perkins
Year 12 Students




Year 12 Students meditating on retreat before heading back to the College