Year 12 VCAL “Team Salesian” Run Melbourne

On Sunday 27 July the Year 12 VCAL boys (Andy, Dean, Kian, Rhys and Jon) officially represented Salesian College under the name of ‘Team Salesian’ in the Run Melbourne 10km event to support Breast and Prostate Cancer.

We arrived to school at 6:00am. Miss Simon, Mr McGarry and Mr Filippis took us to the city by the school’s bus to support us from the start line at St Kilda Road to the end of the race at Birrarung Marr. We arrived in the city by 7:00am.

At 9:00am we were all lined up and ready for our run. There were lots of people. The siren horned and we were off. We ran together like a group. This run was a challenge for us as we had never ran 10km before, but after a gruelling 10km we made it to the finish line between 58 mins to 1 hour and 30 mins. It was a happy feeling. We are proud and relieved to have trained and completed what we had set out to achieve. The staff gave us a medal and a bottle of water as a token of our incredible achievements.

As this is our last year at Salesian College Chadstone, this day of our lives we’ll never forget it. It’s one of our proudest moments so far.

Jon Tamvakis (12M) and Kian Privitera (12A)