Year 7 – Building a Liveable City

As part of their Geography (Humanities) studies, Year 7 students studied ‘Place and Liveability’, exploring what makes a place liveable.

In small groups and using the Minecraft Edu. Game, students applied their knowledge to build their own version of a liveable city. Not only did the game serve as a vehicle for building a virtual city, it enabled students to carefully consider access to various facilities and services, infrastructure, safety and stability, employment, recreational opportunities and energy resources.

We found that our boys were engaged and excited to apply their knowledge. Minecraft gave students the freedom to create, pushing their imaginations to the limit and allowing them to be creative in ways not possible in the real world. Although our focus was on the construction of liveable cities, this collaborative task became inherently about problem-solving, and inspired students’ higher-level processing and critical thinking.

This summative task culminated in a Minecraft Tournament. Each Oratory group voted on the most liveable city in class. The best cities were presented to the cohort and a panel of judges. It was decided that the representatives from 7B with their city ‘Go-Oaksville’ had the most well rounded submission with a consideration for public housing, a mental health plan and sustainable sources of food. Congratulations to Ashley Curry, Keegan Parker, Olly Bastien-Sylva, Gabe Schiavello and Ovin Marambage!

Some Student Reflections about their Learning:

“This was a very exciting project that every single Year 7 student participated in. What made it even more special is that we presented our work in the Auditorium. This was a great assignment as it helped us understand and think about all the things needed for life in a liveable city. Minecraft proved to be a great tool for students considering a future in architecture as well! Each class voted on their favourite most liveable city which was presented in front of everyone in the Auditorium. This was an amazing and fun experience and all the cities presented were fantastic and detailed.”

- Roman Velona, 7G

“I enjoyed Minecraft because it was a team working game and it was a fun activity. It was great that it was different and to see other people’s ideas. It was also great to have the opportunity to work with people we usually wouldn’t work with and help others in our group to come up with ideas. Many students learnt how to do new things in Minecraft.

-Kenny Lee, 7A

Miss Christina Romano
Humanities Teacher

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