Year 7 Mother and Son Night

Last Thursday night, our Year 7 Mother Son Night ran for the second time since starting in 2016. A 300% increase in attendance saw more than half the Year 7 cohort represented, with over 240 people attending.
Bill Jennings from Time and Space ran a fabulous evening allowing new mums to the College to meet other mums as well as other boys, and enabled conversations to occur that dealt with the tricky issue of transition.
There’s no doubt that this evening will become another one of the significant community building events of the Salesian calendar.
In August it’s the Dads’ turn, as we run the Year 8 Father Son Night on Thursday 31 August. If you have a son in Year 8 this year, make sure you get a Dad or mentor booked in for this event, as once again, numbers are steadily growing for this lovely night.
Many thanks to the staff, parent volunteers and boys who helped run groups on the night, under the leadership of Year 7 Coordinator Chris Hayes.
If you have any questions or would like to be considered as a parent volunteer, please let me know.

Warm regards,

Mr Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal – Student Wellbeing

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