Year 7 Social Night

Thursday 27 February marked the first opportunity for parents of the Year 7 cohort to come together, to share stories, tips and experiences of their sons’ journeys thus far. Parents and staff were entertained by the college band (Mannix Depression) comprised of senior students and Mr Adam Croft as parents arrived at the newly renovated College Hall.

After a very brief introduction, parents were provided with the opportunity to walk in their sons’ shoes and visit their sons’ homerooms. Accompanied by their homeroom mentors, parents were presented with updates on College life and were provided with the opportunity to ask any further questions, all whilst they sat in their sons’ seats.

Before the formal proceedings of the night, it was only fitting that the Parents’ Association addressed the crowd. Denise Forster (on behalf of the PA) addressed the crowd sharing her own experiences as a Salesian parent outlining the “wonderful things” that College does. In true Salesian spirit, Denise also shared ideas with new parents on how to get involved with college life and also provided an opportunity for new parents to join the PA.

The night proved to be a great opportunity for parents to mingle with staff and with each other in order to develop stronger bonds in the Salesian College Chadstone community.

I would like to take this opportunity again to thank the staff who assisted with organisation (Mary Menz, Suzie McErvale & Dennis Veneruzzo), the homeroom mentors (Mark Wang, Leanne Matheson, Tara Kimstra, Sarah Rapson, Noel McGarry & Trudyanne Blyth), the Parents Association, and the parents for their participation. I would also encourage parents to continue the dialogue with the school as we develop the partnership in the boys’ education and development.

Byron Chen
Year 7 Co-ordinator