Year 8 Experiential Week

Year 8 Experiential Week was an epic week for our Year 8 boys!

The week consisted of three events, Year 8 Retreat, Medieval Day and Environmental Day. The purpose of the week was to provide an opportunity for students to be immersed in hands-on learning experiences.

For Medieval Day, a troupe of performers were invited to the College to work with the boys, to help provide them with a more realistic ‘hands-on’ view of life during medieval times. Armor, weaponry, warfare, justice, music, games and daily life were all part of a day of medieval education for Year 8 History students. Our boys, had the opportunity to try on clothing, armor, feel the weight of chain mail, hold swords and examine medieval musical instruments. They also took part in medieval games as well as sword fighting. We think it is safe to say that the aim of providing our boys with multisensory learning with real impact, has been achieved.

During Environmental Day, students were involved in the ‘Adopt A Park Program’ where they improved the biodiversity of Adrian Court, an area surrounding Mannix Campus. The boys worked diligently clearing the land of weeds and litter. They improved the soil by adding countless loads of mulch to the site. Native seedlings were planted and watered. The Year 8 cohort also engaged with various guest speakers, seizing the opportunity to learn about the harmful and costly effects of littering in our local community. Not only were the boys exposed to an authentic activity that will have lasting impact, our hope is that a sense of stewardship and ownership has been instilled. The Year 8 cohort will maintain the site for the remainder of the year during scheduled Oratory sessions, that will form part of the Environmental Stewardship Program.

Our Year 8 Retreat was multifaceted, with boys having an opportunity to challenge themselves with outdoor activities and learn more about themselves, Don Bosco and their relationships with family and friends. The bonding and learning undertaken provided the boys with an opportunity to reflect and contemplate.

We had a busy and action packed week, with many opportunities to learn and develop. Many thanks to all the staff that made all the events of Year 8 Experiential Week possible.

Mrs Kamila Bielinski     
Head of Humanities

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