Year 8 Father/Mentor and Son Night

On Thursday 31 August in the College Hall, the Year 8 Father/Mentor and Son Night was held.

Facilitated by Time and Space’s founder Bill Jennings, Year 8 boys and their dads/mentors were given a lovely opportunity to spend some quality time together. Boys and their dads/mentors engaged in games, conversations, group work and reflection. It was truly wonderful to see such a terrific gathering of boys and their dads/mentors.

Particular thanks to Craig Giles, Year 8 Coordinator, Ivana Ryan and Melina Barcellona, who as staff members, gave up their time to support the function. Also a particular thanks to Joseph Curtis and Raul Spink from Year 9, who volunteered to help and were remarkable with their insights on the panel.

Mr Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal – Students

1_Father 2_Father