Year 8 Medieval Day – Student Reflections

I like medieval day because we got to do a lot of fun activities like archery, crime and punishment and more, on medieval day.
I learnt that the flag of England was made out of saint’s flags. My favourite activity was when some of the year eights had to try and hit a medieval knight at the end of the day. It was difficult – I was one of them. I hope I get to do it again it was a fun experience.

Thiep Thiep

I really enjoyed medieval day. I like that they taught us many different aspects of the hard medieval life. I would really like to participate in more activities and I would like to wear a helmet.

Carl Calaoagan

On the day of medieval day, it was enjoyable and informative. What I enjoyed about Medieval day was that there was realistic weapons and armour on display for us. What I would want to improve about medieval day is that it should be increased by maybe an extra day so we can learn more about each topic.

Willie To

Medieval day this year was a great way for us to learn about the Medieval Ages, and how it has influenced today. As an individual, medieval day was an interesting, and a fun way to learn about the medieval times. There were many great activities such as ‘Games played in the medieval times’, ‘Punishment and Law’, and one of my favourites, ‘Archery’. We learnt about why things are the way they are today, and why we discontinue things like the trials they had to withstand to be pleaded innocent. Overall, the day was a really cool and an enjoyable way to learn about the medieval period!

George Triskelidis

Medieval day was held last Friday. It was an engaging day where all Year 8 were involved in activities related to medieval times. The activities consisted of Crime and punishment, archery, education and games, weapons, heraldry, troubadours and the last period of the day was a really fun activity where the whole of year 8 gathered in the hall to fight a real life Knight. I really enjoyed the activities because it didn’t feel like we were learning because it was interesting and you never got bored, especially ‘weapons’ where I got to stand in front of the class where I mimicked a farmer. I learnt a ton of fun and interesting facts.
Anthony Basile

On Friday 2 May it was Medieval Day. We did many different activities learning about the medieval times. There was archery, weaponry, troubadour, crime and punishment, education and games, tournament and heraldry. The activity that I enjoyed most was the tournament. We saw people train to become a knight. We also had students fight a knight. I learnt many things like how people were punished and what games they play. I also learnt about what knights wear to battle and the development of armour and weapons.

Ethan Van Langenberg

Standing, trying to balance on a small plank of wood, knowing that if I fall before we battle, it would be embarrassing. Staring my opponent in the eyes, knowing my demise. “3, 2, 1, start!” yelled the advisor. Tightly gripping the rope in my hand, hoping I won’t die too  quickly, I feel the rope getting yanked and making me lose balance and falling forwards knowing that I have lost. Getting back up on my feet and hearing Anthony Fazio screaming “Josh hit his heel on the floor before Anthony fell!” Suddenly I feel lucky, lucky that I managed to win one of three. Two more battle happened, ending quickly, I lost my balance and fell before I could even react to the GO! One last battle, to see who is victorious. Staring him in the eyes, “3, 2, 1, GO!” Petrified, I grip onto the rope hoping I don’t die. Luckily my opponent lost balance before me. Then, everyone cheering. I came out victorious. This was only one of the exiting activities on Medieval Day. This was Education and Games.  

Anthony Zulli 

On Friday 2 May it was Medieval Day for the all of Year 8. The incursion lasted the whole day. Medieval Day was a day where the Year 8 students came together to learn more about Medieval Europe with guests/hosts that came to teach us. Each host taught different activities, such as archery, crime and punishment, weaponry, heraldry, education and games and others.
On that day, I learnt many things. I found out that a longbow can shoot 200m to 300m – and that there are two kinds of bows; the longbow and the crossbow. I also learnt that ‘The Dark Ages’ was a part of the Medieval Ages. Different periods during the Medieval Ages used different weapons and armour and as the time pass the weapons and armour improve over time. 
The activities I enjoy the most was archery. I learnt how to use a bow, it was frustrating at first but it was fun afterwards because you’ll get used to using a bow. Afterwards it was fun, enjoyable and competitive because everyone tried their best to shoot the furthest.

David Truong