Year 8 Subject Selection Information

The curriculum offered at Year 8 is the second part of an integrated and sequential program offered over six years at Salesian College.  It aims to consolidate the learning which has occurred in Year 7, while providing opportunities for each student to continue to meet the demands of the middle years. Year 8 students complete a maximum of four elective units in one year; two in Semester One and two in Semester Two.  Each elective comprises three periods per week, therefore, Year 8 students complete six periods per week of elective studies.  In their Year 8 Elective Program each student must choose a minimum of one elective unit from the Visual Arts, a minimum of one elective unit from the Performing Arts and a minimum of one elective unit from Technology.

Course of Studies

Studies taken for the whole year

  • Religious Education/Mass (three periods per week)
  • Oratory (2 periods per week)
  • English (five periods per week)
  • Mathematics (five periods per week)
  • Science (four periods per week)
  • Humanities (three periods per week)
  • Italian (three periods per week)
  • Physical Education (two periods per week)
  • Sport (two periods per week)

Four electives per year (one semester each*)

  • One elective from The Visual Arts (three periods per week)
  • One elective from Technology (three periods per week)
  • One elective from Performing Arts (three periods per week)
  • One ‘free choice’ elective

Visual Arts

Media Studies
Visual Communication and Design

The Performing Arts




Technology Studies

Systems Technology

Design and Technology  

Food Technology