Year 9 ANZAC Service

On Wednesday 23 April, Year 9 leaders went to an ANZAC service held by the Monash Rotary Club to commemorate those who had fought in WWI. Councillors from Oakleigh, Waverly and various suburbs in the Monash Council, along with veterans who served in Australia’s armed forces were also there to celebrate the event. The Australia Defence School of Signals dispatched a catapult party to be with us at the service. These were men who would go on to serve Australia in the Defence Force after completing their technology training. We were fortunate enough to be led in service by a fellow Kernel who gave us a spectacle when he told us of a tale of a young man who fought at Gallipoli. After the last post was played, wreaths were placed by various council men/women and veterans at the small memorial plaque that was built after the end of WWI. Then each of the 34 schools in attendance placed their own wreaths to surround the memorial. The catapult party marched off after standing still for the duration of the service, and the kernel asked us to wave our Australian flags which were given to us. The fallen diggers of Gallipoli and those who have served (and still serve in the Australian Armed Forces) were represented proudly.

Miss Simon & Peter Pamouktsis 9C