Year 9 Camp

Year 9 camp occurred during week six of the first term. With the weather forecast to be very hot for the week, the boys (along with their teacher and the Bindaree Outdoor Education Group), departed the Mannix Campus, bound for three different locations. The first camp was at Lake Tyers in East Gippsland, it involved hiking, canoeing, initiatives and raft building. Here are some first-hand experiences from the boys.

Some of my finer moments from the Lake Tyers camp included the 15km walk, the 8 hour canoe journey and the initiative games. The best thing about all these activities was the sense of accomplishment when completed. Overall, camp was a great experience that will never be forgotten.

Nathan Antonucci, 9C

Although Year 9 camp was a survival camp, it was the best camp I’ve been on and one of my best experiences. The camp for me was about independence and learning survival skills and we certainly accomplished that, while having a great time. Some of the highlights for me included having to walk an extra 5km in the bush due to a navigation error. As well as this the 2 day canoeing journey was memorable thanks to laughter and fun out on the water. I know when I’m older I will look back on this camp and think of the great memories that were made.

Jayden Brown, 9A

The second of the camps headed off to the Great Dividing Trail near Castlemaine. This camp was a journey based camp, hiking from location to location along with a day of mountain biking. The boys along with teachers found this camp very challenging due to the hot conditions but managed to successfully complete the trail.

On the Tuesday 5 March, a designated amount of the Year 9 Salesians had set off for camp in the Castlemaine Region. I managed to lead the group for the first hike as we progressed at least 20km a day biking or hiking to arrive at the next location. Unlike previous years we had to manage our clothes, food and tents. This camp challenged many of us although there were people amongst us that do this kind of activity all the time. The sun wasn’t much of a problem but the ants got the better of most boys. On Friday 8, we left to arrive back to our dearly loved family and friends. The look on their faces were priceless, this camp made many of us realise how much our families do for us.

Edwin Saravanapavaan, 9B

The third camp was at Lake Eildon in the Fraser National Park. This camp provided boys with the opportunity to participate in a hike, initiatives, canoeing and raft building.

Camp was a wonderful experience, although it was hard, I faced, endured and conquered many challenges. The hike was extremely challenging and tiring, but very satisfactory when we returned back to camp. The scenery was great and the food was equally as good and activities were always intriguing. Year 9 survival camp was good, and was really challenging but also really fun!

Max Li, 9B

On Tuesday 5 March the Year 9 students and I began our journey to our camp in Fraser National Park in Eildon. As we got to the camp we were allocated into our groups and had one school teacher and one of the Bindaree staff as our supervisors. Over the days the activities we did were navigation, raft building, hiking, initiatives and canoeing. These activities really challenged me, especially the navigation and the hiking which were very exhausting. We had to wear lots of sunscreen and drink loads of water as it was very hot. The hike was something that challenged everyone as we had to carry heavy and walk for 2 hours over hilly terrain. The raft building, canoeing and initiatives were very enjoyable but required teamwork and focus. Other things I enjoyed was getting to know the two teachers and other boys in my group, playing ball games with the other boys and teachers, setting up and sleeping in a tent for the first time and lastly, getting to see the remarkable environment and wildlife. This is definitely a camp I will remember.

Tharusha De Alwis, 9A

Thank you to all the staff who gave up their time to attend year nine camp and make it a wonderful experience for all of the boys: Mr Grcic, Mr Campisano, Miss Rapson, Miss Jarrett, Mr Loonstra, Mr Kearney, Mr Cox, Mr Rowe, Mr Bermingham, Mr Dexter, Miss Richardson, Miss Chaperon, Mr Marley, Mrs Zwalf and Br Barry.

Steven Loonstra and Nick Kearney
Year 9 Coordinator and Assistant Year 9 Coordinator