Year 9 Marvellous Melbourne Excursion

On the morning of Thursday 10 November, the Year 9 Marvellous Melbourne group began a tour of Melbourne’s Street Art under the competent leadership of James, an up and coming artist. The boys wandered through many of Melbourne’s laneways, pausing at various intervals to listen to real and anecdotal evidence about the art on the walls. They learnt about the various forms of street art, from paste-ups, stencils, writers and graffiti, as well as witnessing an original Banksy. The day included a workshop at the Blender studios where each student was provided with a canvas and as many stencils and spray cans as they wished. To the boy’s credit, the organisers at the studio were impressed with their listening and creativity skills. Jack Sievers was recognised as having the best stencil and layering skills and received some coloured pencils from Blender studios as a reward.

Mrs Kamila Bielinski and Ms Rosa Salemme
Humanities Department