Year 9 Retreat

On Friday 6 May all Year 9 students went to the Lysterfield retreat. We left by bus from school and were driven to a farm owned by the Salesians. This was an important day for all Year 9 boys as we were all there to learn about ourselves and our fellow peers. Once we reached the farm we were greeted by Fr Martin, who runs the retreat program, and we were split up into our Bosco groups. My Bosco group was based outside as it was a nice day. Our first activity was a warm up and included group work. The teacher shouted a number and we would have to gather that number in people and group together. The second activity was based on trust. Three people would be blindfolded and the other group members would have to guide them and tell them how to make a square with the rope they were holding. After recess we did an activity using deep speak cards. Each card had a question on it and when a student picked up a card they would answer the question. This was a great chance to learn things about our peers that we may not have known before. We then had lunch. After lunch we celebrated Mass which was a great finish to the day.  Overall I enjoyed the day and had fun doing the activities.
Peter Pamouktsis, 9C

On Friday 30 May the cohort of Year 9 arrived at school in casual clothes ready for our Retreat. We left the school and headed to Lysterfield were we would be staying throughout the day. After arriving we began our debrief about what we would be doing through the day, we then split into our normal Bosco groups to begin our first activity of the day. All the activities were based around team work, trusting fellow peers and learning more about the people whom you go to school with every day. After lunch we finished with a year level mass, this was a great way to end the day as everyone in-braised the day and got a lot out of the experience. I personally enjoyed the retreat as there were fun activities which everyone participated in, I also found out a lot about my group members and even some stuff about some of my closest mates. The retreat was a great experience and I believe everyone enjoyed it and got something out of the day.
Alex Nanfra, 9E

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