Year 9 Program Information

The Year 9 Program is conducted at our purpose-built Mannix Campus.  The Campus creates an environment in which students are encouraged to develop their skills and talents. The Year 9 Program academically challenges students, fosters leadership skills and raises awareness of community responsibilities.

Rationale for the Year 9 Program
The Year 9 Program at Salesian College aims to provide students with an environment where boys will be challenged and enlivened during this period of their schooling. The Program, informed by the vision of Saint John Bosco, founder of the Salesian order, is intended to provide a flexible curriculum which facilitates deep engagement and fosters resilience. Research suggests that Year 9 is a period in adolescence where students may become disengaged from their education.

More specifically, the Program is intended to provide boys with the opportunities to:

•    Develop the skills need to become independent learners of the 21st century
•    Engage in an exciting mixture of explicit teaching and experiential learning activities designed by a dynamic and dedicated staff
•    Continue along the path of becoming lifelong learners
•    Prepare for the challenges they will encounter in the senior years of secondary education
•    Take ownership of their Mannix Campus
•    Develop a strong sense of community where students are connected to peers, staff and school
•    Become responsible global citizens

In addition to core subjects such as Religious Education, Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities, the key features of the program lie in ‘the Rite Journey’ and three exciting elective streams; Enrichment Electives, Challenge Electives and Core Electives. The new Enrichment and Challenge elective streams aim to provide boys with more choice and opportunity to expand upon their knowledge and skills. The Rite Journey is a personal development program focusing on the rite of passage into adulthood.


Course of Studies

The following subjects are taken for the whole year

  • Religious Education/Mass (three periods per week)
  • Oratory (one period per week)
  • Advanced English or English (four periods per week)
  • Advanced Mathematics or Mathematics (four periods per week)
  • Humanities (three periods per week)
  • Science (three periods per week)
  • Physical Education (two periods per week)
  • Sport (two periods per week)

The following electives are taken for one semester:

  • Enrichment Electives (three periods per week)
  • Challenge Electives (five periods per week)
  • Core Electives (three periods per week)

*Please note: Italian must be taken for the whole year. (One semester; core, one semester; enrichment).

Students choose from the list of electives below:

Two electives per year (one per semester*)

  • Maximum of One Elective from each area.

*Please note Italian Accents must be selected in combination with Vieni, vedi, vinci (Italian) Enrichment Elective as a whole year sequence.

Year 9 Elective Units Offered

Core Electives

The Arts

Media Studies
Visual Communication and Design


Systems and Technology
Product Design and Technology

Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Italian Accents must be selected in combination with Vieni, vedi, vinci (Italian) Enrichment Elective as a whole year sequence.

Enrichment Electives

Enrichment electives provide students with the opportunity to extend their academic knowledge and skills in addition to the core subjects. Boys will choose one elective per semester from the subject areas of English, Humanities, Mathematics and Science. Enrichment electives are allocated three periods per week.
Students choose one Enrichment Elective per semester from the list below (maximum of one from each domain area over the course of the year):


Crime and Punishment
Marvellous Melbourne
Globe Trekker
Global Conflict
Myths and Legends

•    Journalism
•    Creative Writing

•    The Big Bang Theory
•    Forensics

•    Managing Money
•    Maths in Sport
•    Salesian’s Greatest Mathematician

Accents Elective
Tourism Elective

Health and PE
Wide World of Sports

Challenge Electives

Challenge electives aim to provide boys with experiential learning opportunities culminating in the delivery of an end product. Boys will choose one Challenge Elective per semester.  These electives will run for five periods per week.
Students choose two Challenge Electives (one per semester) from the list below:

The Arts
•    Media Crew
•    Outdoor Sculpture Construction

Digital Technology
•    Innovations in Robotics
•    Math Animation
•    3D Multimedia

Performing Arts
•    Drama
•    Music

Health and PE
•   Duke of Edinburgh Award
•    Personal Challenge

Technology Studies
•   Mannix Masterchef
•   Recycled Racers