Years 10-12 2015 Subject Selection

Following the Subject Selection Information Night held in the last week of Term Two, I now write to provide further information to families about subject selection for 2015.  Last week I met with the boys in a series of year level assemblies to remind boys entering Years 10-12 in 2015 of key elements of the process.  Please note that the formal task of selecting subjects using Web Preferences began on Monday 21 July.  Web Preferences closes on Friday 1 August.  Our Director of School Organisation, Mr Rob Mercer has sent login details for Web Preferences and some further information about the practicalities of subject selection to your son’s school email account. Information about the structure of the curriculum framework and the subjects available for 2015 can be obtained by going to the ‘Learning’ section of the College’s website and choosing ‘Subject Selection.’  The College’s web address is The PowerPoint presentations used at both the Subject Selection Information Night and the assemblies are also posted in this section of the website.

Subject Selection Requirements

On a number of occasions throughout Semester One, the requirements for gaining access to particular subjects have been made available to all members of the College community.  A copy of this document is also available on the College’s website.  Please note that students who have not met the requirements as set out in this document will be blocked from selecting those subjects for 2015.  Parents/guardians who feel that compelling circumstances apply are invited to complete the Subject Appeal Form which is also located on the College website.  Any Appeal Forms must be fully completed and returned to the relevant Level Coordinator / Head of House by 4.00pm on Friday 1 August.  Please note that late returns will not be accepted unless absolutely compelling circumstances are evident.

Key Dates

Information about 2015 subject offerings:
Available on website now

Opening date for selecting subjects: 
Monday 21 July

Subject Appeal Form available: 
Available on website now

Email sent to students containing individual password for online subject selection: 
Monday 21 July

Closing date for selecting subjects: 
4:00pm Friday 1 August

Subject Appeals close:
4:00pm Friday 1 August

Staff Contacts

A list of relevant staff you may wish to contact including our Heads of Department, Pathways Co-ordinator, Deputy Principals and Heads of House can also be found on our website.  All of these members of staff are available via email or telephone 980 726 44 to assist you and your son in the important matter of selecting subjects.

All the very best to all families for this very important decision-making period.

Neil Carter
Deputy Principal – Education