Years 7-12 Semester Two Assessment Schedules

I am pleased to announce that Salesian College Chadstone staff have composed Assessment Schedules for all Years 7-11 subjects to complement the existing Unit 3/4 Assessment Schedule.  The Schedules will undoubtedly be useful for all members of the school community as they provide a quick and easy to use snapshot of due dates for tasks in all subjects. We hope that parents and guardians will find this information particularly valuable as a means to assist boys to prepare and plan for tasks and to organise time efficiently.  Please note that the schedules simply show the weeks in which tasks are due.  However, two weeks before the due date, the boys are provided with Notification Sheets for all assignments.  The Notification Sheets show full details of the topic, learning outcomes, assessment criteria etc for the particular task. The Assessment Schedules will be emailed to all parents/guardians later in the week.  I suggest that you print the relevant schedule(s) and keep it on the fridge, a pinboard etc.

Assessment of Student Work and Use of the Parent Access Module (PAM)

At our Staff Day on the first day of Term Three, our various subject departments were asked to determine reasonable timelines by which work requirements should be assessed and marks recorded on the Parent Access Module.  Following these discussions, our staff has committed to marking work requirements and posting results on PAM within one to two weeks following the submission date.  Whilst this is our undertaking as a staff, I would ask students and parents to be mindful of the occasional instance where illness or family mishap may prevent a teacher from being able to meet this timeline.

Neil Carter
Deputy Principal – Education